Self Hypnosis- Spiral Images

Published: 16th November 2009
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Self hypnosis- spiral images and concentration

Self-hypnosis is mostly a sound-based process. The subject is inspired to chill, shut their eyes, and cut out the exterior world as they begin to listen to and focus in on an individual's voice or the voice of a tape or DVD. This permits their attention to stay in one place, and all external distractions recede. We'll take a quick look at how and why this works.

To effectively self-hypnotise, your consciousness has to close out external distractions and sensory stimuli that may help to bring your focus outward onto the external world. When you're in this situation , however the mind is not entirely oblivious to the world around it- if something is there in the exterior world which may be a danger or necessitates an immediate reply, the mind's survival mechanisms will flick out of this inner, self-reflective state.

The Self hypnosis- spiral images is good at keeping this focus inward as all of the implied movement, along the spiral's arms, has a tendency to lead the eye, and the mind, back to the same point again. It's also regular, and unchanging- a feature which is basically boosted by the animating the spiral image. This dearth of modification is a handy trick which permits the brain to hop away from it- there is nothing new to take in and understand, so that the mind's focus can be elsewhere, inner. At that point, you are able to understand nothing but what you wish to visualise. You may find that having exploited the spiral as a help to get yourself to this point, you can now dispense with it, closing your eyes and focussing entirely on your inner visualization. The outer world is gone, and with it the tensions and distractions it brings. At this point, the only stimuli which work on you are those you opt to create, such as healing images, certainly pictured scenarios or scenarios, and phrases or suggestions which your intellect can then decide to adopt, and to believe in. The mind is really potent when its focus is in one place, the sector of pure thought. These affirmation, suggestion and self-imaging techniques help you to harness this power, to use it on yourself and to return back to a wakeful state, when you're prepared to do, refreshed and invigorated. When you are self-hypnotising, you are trying to deliberately block out the external world, to allow your intelligence time and a neutral space to perceive, and work on itself. Employing a Self hypnosis- spiral images can help you do that, to put your focus on one thing and then, when the body is truly relaxed, take even that away, leaving you with nothing except yourself.

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